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Eau Rouge speaker cable ER-SP735

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Eau Rouge speaker cable ER-SP735

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Solid sterling silver ribbon wire andKapton shield

A reference cable that will be used for a lifetime


The 500 series cables use high-capacity high-purity silver ribbon wires for the positive and negative conductors, each with a current capacity of 50A, and very little phase shift between the center and the surface of the conductor. The pure silver conductor contains various impurities, and Eau Rouge is made of high purity silver from gold mines, with a small amount of gold as the remaining impurity. The presence of gold molecules, which further stabilize the molecular structure of the pure silver conductor, is a characteristic of Eau Rouge's solid sterling silver ribbon wire.
For the insulation coating, we use Kapton (polyimide film with super heat resistance, super cold resistance, and high electrical insulation), which boasts of its colorless sound quality, and we also apply thorough noise countermeasures, including triple shielding. The terminals are also shielded with triple shielding to prevent noise.Eau RougeThe Eau Rouge original high-purity solid silver Y-lugs are used for the terminals as well as the cable conductors to ensure uniform sound quality throughout the entire product.

Each cable is carefully handmade and will be used for a lifetime.

Conductor Pure silver ribbon wire
Shield Kapton triple shield structure
Terminals High-purity solid silver Y-lug
Length 2.0M