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Eau Rouge speaker cable ER-SP333AGmk2

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Eau Rouge speaker cable ER-SP333AGmk2

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Ultrafine high purity copper wire and insulation coating

Classy sound without exaggeration


SP333 uses Eau Rouge's original cable No. 411, which has a litz wire structure with a base of 0.04mm diameter ultrafine copper wire coated with enamel insulation and 1500 strands of it bound together. The terminations use the original solid sterling silver Y lugs also used in the ER-SP333AG and the ER-SP333AG.

The sound is not exaggerated, and the sound is quiet and elegant, and the phase characteristics are perfectly matched, making the music slow and majestic.

Conductor Enameled insulation coatingUltrafine copper wire
Terminals Solid sterling silver Y-lug
Length 2.0M