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Eau Rouge
CFRP Cable Instrator

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Eau Rouge CFRP Cable Instrator CP-CSmk2

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Excellence as a material with high vibration control capability and high strength

Spike structural shroud made of CFRP


The structural material is a hybrid of Neofade film, a vibration-damping material developed by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. and CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic), which is a good match. Until now, only one cable could be wired to one cable insulator, but this product can be used in various ways, such as parallel wiring or independent wiring as shown in the photo.
Compared to cable insulators with a simple, flat cable insulator structure, the spike structure is absolutely advantageous in terms of vibration, and the high vibration damping capability and high strength of the CFRP composite material are outstanding.

It will take away the sense of sound clutter that accumulates in cables and allow you to feel a stretched out musical expression in a wide space. This is an essential item for audiophiles who can pursue both beautiful wiring and high sound quality.