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Eau Rouge
CFRP power supply box with 6 connections

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Eau Rouge CFRP power supply box with 6 connections ER-PBOX.

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Excellence as a material with high vibration control capability and high strength

Stops plug squealing, high S/N, and plenty of volume in all frequency bands.


All CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) body! Hybrid composition with the highest grade of high elasticity carbon fiber, which is several times stronger than general-purpose grade products. The CFRP material has excellent vibration control characteristics, but the composition, layering method, and thickness (3~8mm) of the carbon fibers are changed for each surface to further reduce resonance peaks, resulting in an ultra-rigid body with extremely low squeakiness.

Custom-made pure copper screws with excellent electrical and audio characteristics are luxuriously used to fix the bottom cover.  American Electric Company 7110GD is used for the basic grade power outlet. For the basic internal wiring, a high-quality sound cable with a sense of energy is adopted, consisting of 40 strands of Φ0.28mm ultra-fine pure copper wire bound together to form a single core. The cable is terminated with lead-free silver + copper solder developed by our original company.

This power supply box is a condensation of the sound that many customers have been waiting for. This power supply box delivers the enormous sense of energy, wide range, density, temperature, and quietness that has only been available in high-end Au Rouge products in the 300,000 yen class or higher. Please enjoy the high quality and enjoyable music with this power supply box that seeks only for purity.

Size 193 (W) × 123 (D) × 63 (H) mm