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Bakoon Products SCL CAP-1003 Small Headphone Amplifier

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Bakoon Products SCL CAP-1003 Small Headphone Amplifier

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Pursuit of the best sound in a small size

A headphone amplifier that fits in your palm!


Bakun Products has created the CAP series that produces a high-quality music life with a size that fits just right in a small space.
CAP-1003 is a headphone amplifier with a tiny size of 75(W)x30(H)x100(D)mm and only 180g. The output stage is designed for pure Class-A operation to produce high-quality tones, allowing you to enjoy not only music but also movie sound to the fullest.

Bakun Products will gradually change its logo and name to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory).

The CAP-1003 is a non-reduction amplifier with a vast frequency response and excellent transient response. It inputs the headphone jack output from smartphones, tablets, mobile music players, etc., reduces distortion by lightening the load on the player's headphone output, and drives the headphones with its signal through a powerful output circuit incorporating the newly developed "HBFBC" IC.

Like other CAP series, the power supply is +5V and can be supplied from USB or a mobile battery.
Since mobile batteries are available with large capacities such as 10000mAH, it can be operated sufficiently without squeezing the operating current too much. Stable operation is achieved with ±5V internally. There are two inputs, RCA and mini phone jack, which can be selected by the input selector switch on the front panel.

Noise is 0.0011mV and S/N ratio is -119.2db.
The noise characteristics of the output circuitry combined with the HBFBC are excellent and do not muddy the reproduced sound even at low volumes.
In addition, headphones are driven powerfully with low impedance, so that even detailed sounds can be heard clearly due to the synergistic effect of low noise.
The -3db frequency is 3.28 MHz. At 100 kHz, both phase and frequency response are flat. Because of its wide frequency response, square wave reproduction is clean.

Maximum Output 8V(1% distortion)
Distortion(1KHz) 1mW: 0.009% (1kHz)
S/N Ratio -120dB(GAIN 0dB)
Frequency Response 20Hz~1MHz(-3db)
Phase Characteristics 0°(100KHz), 45°(10MHz)
Dimensions W75x H30x D100mm
Weight 180g
Power source 5V0.7A DC


First impressions are very small. While most of Bakoon's products are originally compact in size except for their high-end products, this headphone amplifier CAP-1003 is exceptionally small among the new small CAP series. It is nice to have two inputs (RCA and earphone) in a body so small that it can easily fit in one's palm. The sound is also good. Because it is a Bakun, no corners have been cut. It was as if the air that had been hazy earlier had cleared up, and thanks to the improved visibility, I could clearly see the scenery in the distance. The vocals in the YouTube video of the live performance were soaring, their voices full of energy, their high notes soaring through the live venue. The heat of the stadium, which holds tens of thousands of people, is conveyed with a realistic feeling. The sound separation is excellent; the instruments, vocals, and the crowd's frenzy do not blend together and are not noisy. The ability to use a portable battery via USB connection is a nice touch. I can now take them all over the world without worrying about them. No more power supply noise.