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Yamamoto Sound Craft
BT-1 Titanium alloy screw set

Product code: BT-1

Yamamoto Sound Craft BT-1 Titanium alloy screw set

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Improved sound quality

Light weight, high rigidity for sound improvement

Titanium alloy Screw set for cartridges
One of the hardest material "titanium" is excellent material for audio device as well. BT-1 catches a headshell and a cartridge quiet rigidly.
It suppresses bad resonances occurring around a headshell area. The screw is really tiny stuff, but it affects gigantic for the reproducing sounds.
Bass range becomes deeper, get high speed and stress-less.
Attached gold plated brass nuts for fixing. The nut was special ordered small external dimensions type. Hence it can adopt for almost of all cartridges.
Type Screw set for a cartridge
Attached stuff Titanium bolt M2.6, length 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 15mm /x2 Gold plated brass nut 4mm x2 diameter M2.6
Material Screw: Titanium alloy Nut: Gold plated brass
Fantastic quality screw set !! The sound rises well, keep strong bass though extensive characteristics.