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Yamamoto Sound Craft
BT-1 Titanium alloy screw set

Product code: BT-1

Yamamoto Sound Craft BT-1 Titanium alloy screw set

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Titanium alloy bolts for improved sound quality

Lightweight and high rigidity for improved sound quality

The material is titanium alloy, which is light and strong, and when used to stop a cartridge, it improves the sound quality. The cartridge picks up the unevenness of the record disc as a music signal and plays it back, so its vibration has a great influence on the sound quality. The headshell has a large effect on sound quality, of course, but the screws that hold the cartridge in place also have a large impact on the sound. Soft materials tend to produce a softer sound, while hard materials produce a harder sound. Titanium alloy has a specific gravity of 4.5, about half that of brass and other materials, and is as hard as steel. Generally speaking, the lighter and stronger the material, the faster the speed of sound transmitted through the material (speed of sound). These conditions prove that titanium alloys are excellent as set screws for cartridges.
A gold-plated brass nut is included as a fixing nut, but this nut is a custom-made type with smaller external dimensions. Therefore, when used on the cartridge side, it fits most cartridge mountings without difficulty. The nut is M2.6 and its opposite side is 4.0 mm.
Type Bolt and nut for cartridge mounting
Set Contents Plus head titanium bolt M2.6 length 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 15mm, each 2 pcs, total 8 pcs Gold plated brass nuts, 2 pcs of 4mm type on opposite side
Material Titanium alloy bolt fabric finish (light black), brass gold-plated nuts
The sound rises better, and the bass tends to be more discrete while maintaining the weight of the bass.
*Review by Analog magazine