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Yamamoto Sound Craft
BB-50 Wooden speaker base

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Yamamoto Sound Craft BB-50 Wooden speaker base

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Surprisingly high quality

Large insulator processed precious wood with precision

BB-50 is a wooden block speaker base for large speakers. The size is 95 (W) 95 (D) 50 (H) mm, made from hard and durable Asada cherry blossoms. The main use is to use under the speaker when installing a large speaker though, including small speakers, it is also very effective to support amplifiers and players.

Dimensions 95(W) x 95(D) x 50(H)mm
Weight 340g(1piece)

It is said that Yamamoto Sound Craft BB-50 is suitable for a large SP, but this time I put it under a small 2 way and I listened to music. When exchanging from the metal insulator of the reference to BB-50, arich flavor is added to the sound, resolution, sharpness, feeling of touch are not damaged at all, it turns into a sound that is quiet easy to listen.. There is no resonance like a metal, on the otherside, it is not saying that it can not be firmly supported like a soft material. It should be said as a unique expression of hardwood. It can be said that it is an incredible high-grade insulator from the price point.
*audio accessories magazine