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Yamamoto Sound Craft
BB-50 Wooden speaker base

Product code: bb-50-1

Yamamoto Sound Craft BB-50 Wooden speaker base

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Incredibly high quality insulator

Large audio base made of fine wood machined with high precision

BB-50 is a wood block type speaker base for large speakers. It is 95(W)95(D)50(H) in size and made of hard and durable solid asada cherry wood. Its main use is under speakers when installing large speakers, but it is also very effective for supporting amplifiers, players, etc., including small speakers.
Dimensions 95(W) x 95(D) x 50(H)mm
Weight Approx. 340g (1 piece)
The solidly cut BB-50 block has a smooth, polished surface with beautiful annual rings created by nature, and is pleasant to the touch. The solid wood of the fine Asada cherry tree is dense and feels heavy, and the sound of the BB-50 when stacked on top of each other is a pleasant, nostalgic sensation. This exquisite firmness, which is not found in metal, absorbs the slight shaking of the amplifier and player, as well as the speakers, to bring out the best performance.

Although it is said to be suitable for large SPs, this time I put it under a small 2-way system and listened to it. Replacing the reference metal insulator with this one added a rich flavor to the sound, transforming it into an easy-to-listen-to sound with no loss of resolution, sharpness, or power. There is no resonance as with metal, nor is there a lack of support for the legs and feet as with softer materials. This is an expression of hardwood. For the price, this is an unbelievably high quality insulator.
*audio accessories magazine