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SATRI Circuit Laboratory FIL-3102B Digital Noise Reduction RF Filter XLR Specifications

Product code: FIL-3102B

SATRI Circuit Laboratory FIL-3102B Digital Noise Reduction RF Filter XLR Specifications

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Clear and natural sound by eliminating sound muddiness

Noise reduction filter for digital audio of another dimension


Bakun Products' new digital noise reduction filter FIL3102B is a balanced (XLR) version of the popular current model FIL-3102. This eliminates muddy sound and prevents high-frequency digital signals from interfering with the brain, which can be harmful to health.

Digital sound sources such as PCs, smartphones, digital music players, etc. can cause muddy sound by introducing not only audio signals but also digital signals.

The graph shows the headphone output of a music player measured with a spectrum analyzer; when FIL-31012 is inserted between the two, the horizontal frequency line is clean and flat, indicating that there is no noise.

When connected between the player and the amplifier, the accuracy and localization of the sound is significantly improved.

Noise is eliminated and the sound becomes muddy, clear and natural.
Due to its characteristic low impedance, it cannot be used with tube amplifiers, but is ideal for smartphones, tablets, PCs and digital players with other amplifiers. Dramatically improves the high-resolution sound of your downloads.

*Bacoon Products will gradually change its logo and name to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory). Please note that the logo and name will be changed to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory).