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SATRI CIRCUIT LABORATORY FIL-3102B digital noise removal RF filter XLR specification

Product code: FIL-3102B

SATRI CIRCUIT LABORATORY FIL-3102B digital noise removal RF filter XLR specification

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Eliminate the turbidity of the sound, clear and natural sound

Noise removal filter for different dimensions for digital audio



The new digital noise removal filter Fil3102B of Bacoon Products is a model that has a well-known current model Fil-3102 (XLR) specification. FIL-3102 In the same way, by putting between digital sound sources and amplifiers, only the audio signal is passed, and harmful digital signals eliminate the turbidity of the sound, and high-frequency digital signals interfere with the brain and healthy. Stops the possibility of impaired.

From digital sound sources such as PCs, smartphones, and digital music players, not only audio signals but also digital signals are mixed and the sound is muddy.

The graph is measured by the spectrum analyzer of the headphone output of the music player. If you put FIL-31012 in between, it indicates that the line of the horizontal axis is beautifully flat and no noise.

When connected between the player and the amplifier, the accuracy and localization of the sound are significantly improved.

Because the noise is erased, the sound of the sound disappears, making it clear and natural.
Because of its low impedance, it cannot be used for vacuum tube amplifiers, but if you use other amplifiers, it is ideal for smartphones, tablets, PCs and digital players. Dramatically improve the downloaded high -resolution sound.

*Bacoon Products change the logo and name to SCL (SATRI CIRCUIT LABORATORY). please note that.

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