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ASTOR SP-2000WST Bookshelf Speaker 1 pair

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ASTOR SP-2000WST Bookshelf Speaker 1 pair

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Highly efficient and rich expression with plenty of room to spare

Bookshelf speakers with excellent balance


ASTOR Electronic Planning has created a new speaker system series: the SP-2000WST is a mid-range bookshelf speaker that is easy to handle. It combines delicate sound quality with high quality components to provide a truly satisfying musical experience.

The unit uses a high-efficiency woofer from Spanish professional speaker manufacturer Beyma,The 96dB sound pressure level reproduces the delicate expression of a single tube amplifier with low output power with ease. The horn-type tweeter controls the efficiency and directivity of the reproduced sound. By adding a condenser, the tweeter covers the range from 4kHz and up. Accurate frequency division and phase matching provide a natural sound field and tonal balance, expressing natural, beautifully articulate mid and high frequencies.

The sound is even richer by using multiple connections. By using condensers instead of coils, a high speed and high purity sound is achieved.

Even familiar music can bring out new aspects and emotions, enriching your daily life.

The superior enclosure design ensures accurate bass reproduction and balanced acoustics, and the 25mm thick laminated rubberwood is hard and heavy, resulting in a rich, resonant sound with high resolution. The bass reflex is made of 5mm thick oxygen-free copper, eliminating unwanted vibrations and providing rich, extended low frequencies. The back of the speaker can be removed to make it an open rear-facing speaker. Speaker component materials and manufacturing quality affect reliability and sound quality. High-quality materials and precision manufacturing techniques reproduce the finest nuances of music.

Outstanding naturalness and purity bring the pleasure of listening. Reproduces every nuance of the human voice and musical instruments. Performs well even in difficult acoustic environments. Clearly expresses even at low volumes.

Speaker system Multi-bass reflex & rear-opening
Midrange/woofer 200mm
Sound pressure level
Tweeter Horn tweeter
Frequency Range 45Hz~20KHz
Board material used
Rubberwood laminated woodOxygen-free copper pipe
Dimensions w300 d290 h400