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ASTOR AST-300BMg Vacuum Tube Stereo Single Power Amplifier

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ASTOR AST-300BMg Vacuum Tube Stereo Single Power Amplifier

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Enjoy 300B to the fullest

Faithfully reproduces the original sound source


ASTOR, a manufacturer of vacuum tube amplifiers, is developing a new series of amplifiers that are lighter and easier to handle without sacrificing sound quality by reducing the width and size of the amplifiers from its previous lineup of full-size, bulky, and heavy amplifiers.

The transformer uses an original transformer that keeps the price low while producing sound quality as good as that of higher grade amplifiers. The legs are made of a combination of aluminum and rubber materials. The circuit parts and chassis mounting parts are also made of carefully selected materials in pursuit of high sound quality, and the two-stage internal structure prevents resonance from inside and outside, contributing to noise-free, highly transparent, high sound quality.

The self-bias function allows the user to enjoy the sound of various 300B tubes manufactured by tube manufacturers all over the world by switching between them without any hesitation. LEDs are installed in the tube connections, making this a new tube amplifier with a colorful appearance.

The self-bias capacitor used in the AST-300BMg is an order of magnitude larger than the 220~400 micro capacitors used in most power amplifiers, and is 3300 micro. By using a capacitor with a large capacitance, the AST-300BMg can afford to have a larger current capacity, which allows it to perform on par with a fixed bias. This allows the sound to be expressed well even when the volume is turned down. The left and right independent volume controls allow you to connect directly to CD players, smartphones, tablets, etc. without a preamplifier and enjoy high-quality tube music at your fingertips.

Tubes used 300B x 2, 12ADW7 x 2
Transformer used AST-110PB, TOR-20SW, ST-1.5-200M
Output 5W x 5W, self-biased
Frequency Response 10Hz~60KHz
Residual Noise Less than 1mmV / 1W
Distortion 0.31% / 1W
Input impedance
Size W270 x H150 x D300mm
Weight Approx. 7kg