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ASTOR AST-300BMVIP/SP Monaural Power Amplifier

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ASTOR AST-300BMVIP/SP Monaural Power Amplifier

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Get more depth of 300B by monaural amplification

An ambitious work that pursues a beautiful mirror-finished appearance and the highest sound quality


ASTOR has revamped its lineup of high-grade amplifiers to all monaural versions. By converting stereo amplifiers to monaural amplifiers, higher output power and deeper sound can be obtained. This is especially effective in improving acoustic performance when driving highly loaded speakers. When the sound field is unbalanced during stereo playback due to room acoustics or speaker placement, mono conversion integrates the output of both channels to obtain a uniform and stable sound field,

Audio symmetry can be improved.


The AST-300BMVIP is 5cm narrower than the MVIPSP.

Beautifully mirror-finished

The 1.6mm-thick high-quality stainless steel chassis and component mounting mid-plate steel are

Clear Finish

The robust construction with 1.5mm-thick oxygen-free copper prevents resonance from both inside and outside, contributing to noise-free, crystal-clear high sound quality.

The transformer uses an original transformer that pursues sound quality without compromise while keeping the price low. Gold-plated, high-grade terminals are used for input and speaker output terminals.

 For the self-bias capacitor, the AST-300BMVIP/SP uses an order of magnitude larger capacitor (4000 micro) than the 200~400 micro capacitors used by most other manufacturers. This allows the AST-300BMVIP/SP to have the same sound quality as a fixed bias, even though it is self-biased. Various 300B tubes produced by tube manufacturers around the world can be replaced without hesitation to bring out the best performance.

The use of UL connections also increases output power and contributes to improved sound transparency and resolution. The volume is controlled precisely by using a click-type attenuator with 31 contacts.

Tubes used 300B x 2 12AU7 x 2 12AX7 x 1
Transformer used AST-165P×1 TOR-40PP×1 ST-1.5-200M×1
Output 15W×15W Load resistance 8kΩ
Connected circuit type bias Triode connection / self-bias
Frequency Response 10Hz~60KHz
Residual Noise Less than 1mmV / 1W
0.28% / 1W
Input impedance
Click type, 31 contacts, Type A, 100KΩ
Input/output INPUT x 1, speaker terminals 0-8-16Ω

MVIPSP:.W 320 x D405 x H215mm

MVIP: W 270 x D405 x H215mm


MVIPSP: 15.7kg

MVIP: 14.7kg