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ASTOR AST-2000MVIPSP Monaural Preamplifier

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ASTOR AST-2000MVIPSP Monaural Preamplifier

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Gaining further depth by monaural amplification

Enjoy the tasteful sound quality of analog sound sources


ASTOR has revamped its lineup of high-grade amplifiers to all monaural specifications. Along with the conversion of stereo power amplifiers to monaural amplifiers, we have also adopted monaural preamplifiers.The main purpose of a monaural preamplifier is to convert stereo signals to monaural for playback.

Especially in the use of monaural sound sources and playback of monaural recordings,Proper coupling of the monaural signal minimizes noise and interference for clear playback. This allows users to enjoy the original quality of monaural sound sources.

Beautifully Mirror-Processed

The 1.6mm-thick high-quality stainless steel chassis and component mounting mid-plate steel are

Clear Finish

The robust construction with 1.5mm-thick oxygen-free copper prevents resonance from inside and outside, contributing to noise-free, highly transparent and high sound quality. (The photo below shows the power amplifier.)

The transformer uses an original transformer that pursues sound quality without compromise while keeping the price low. Gold-plated high-grade terminals are used for input and output terminals.

Many analog sound sources such as analog records and analog cassette tapes are in monaural format. By using a monaural preamplifier, you can enjoy the tasteful sound quality of analog sound sources.
Audiophiles and enthusiasts may insist on playing monaural sound sources.

The AST-2000MVIPSP is an important component to meet such demand.

The AST-2000MVIPSP can adjust the audio balance for monaural playback. The attenuator uses 41 contacts for more precise control.

The AST-2000MVIPSP provides optimal performance not only for stereo sources, but also for monaural sources and analog playback. It will be utilized to accurately reproduce the characteristics of monaural music and provide a rich musical experience.

Tubes used 6SL7GT x 3
Transformer used AST-55PK×1 ST-5H-60M
Junction circuit type bias
3rd stage cathode follower type
Frequency Response 10Hz~100KHz
Residual Noise Less than 1mmV / 1W
Distortion 0.23% / 1W
Input impedance
41 step A type 100KΩ
Input/output PHONO-CD-LINE1-LINE2, OUTPUT: 1-2-3
W 270 x D425 x H150mm
Weight Approx. 9.6kg