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Amtrans wire speaker cable

Product code: AMT-1

ASTOR Amtrans wire speaker cable

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Gold-plated OFC single-stranded good wire

AmTrans gold-plated wire used Astro Electronic Planning original speaker cable

AmTrans is a wiring material used in amplifiers, but it also provides excellent reproduction sound when used as RCA cables for speaker cables.

The material used is gold-plated OFC (oxygen-free copper) single stranded wire with excellent sound quality. The insulation is made of PFA, a fluorine resin with high heat resistance. (Rated voltage 600V, maximum operating temperature 250°C continuous) Fluoroplastic PFA has a low dielectric constant of 2.1 or less/60Hz. The speaker terminals are made of top-quality Y-lugs of the highest quality with 24K 24K deposition made by Furutech to ensure a secure connection and to transmit the signal in the best condition.
Cable φ0.9mm single twisted pair gold-plated wire
Oxygen-free copper with 0.5nm plating and 0.25mm PFA coating