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Amtrans wire speaker cable

Product code: AMT-1

ASTOR Amtrans wire speaker cable

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Good line of gold plated OFC

Astronaut original speaker cable

It is an interconnecting wire in the amplifier, and even if it is used as a RCA cable to the speaker cable, it is very wonderful.

High quality withstand voltage using gold plated OFC (oxygen free copper) single wire. It adopts high heat resistant fluorine resin PFA coating. Fluorine resin PFA has a low dielectric constant of 2.1 / 60 Hz. The speaker terminal transmits the signal with the best connection and the best condition by adopting the highest thickness y rag of 24K thick film made of full tec.
Cable φ 0.9mm single wire twisted pair gold plated wire
0.5nm plating and 0.25 mm PFA coating on oxygen free copper