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  • Yamamoto Sound Craft A-09S 300B power amplifier
  • Yamamoto Sound Craft A-09S 300B power amplifier
  • Yamamoto Sound Craft A-09S 300B power amplifier
  • Yamamoto Sound Craft A-09S 300B power amplifier
  • Yamamoto Sound Craft A-09S 300B power amplifier
  • Yamamoto Sound Craft A-09S 300B power amplifier

Yamamoto Sound Craft
A-09S 300B power amplifier

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Appendix output tube
Power-supply voltage

300B Reference single amplifier

Quested performance and sound quality as a referencepower amplifier


Non feedback single amplifier adopting 300B that is occupying the position as a reference output tube of modern tube amp.
The basic circuit adopts self-bias scheme of CR coupling using pentode for voltage amplification part.For the amplification section, it does not use negative feedback and take advantage of the basic characteristics in a non-feedback system to obtain a natural sound field.
Newly designed toroidal transformer for all transformers, combined with Teflon insulating paper realizes superior sound with less distortion.
For the power transformer, output transformer, choke coil, it adopts an extremely excellent high-b type toroidal core transformer.In addition, each core is provided with a slit, got an output transformer with excellent regulation characteristics and excellent sound quality, an ultra low impedance coil with a value of 30 Ω is designed, and getting a sound with excellent dynamic feeling.
Output tube can be chosen freely, output tube sold separately, selectable from JJ and Emission Lab
It is designed most of all 300B can be replaced without any adjustments. Adjustment such as ham balance is also useless, and the best sound can be obtained without adjustment.
Adopted full-wave rectification DC ignition circuit with Schottky diode for ignition circuit maximizes 300B performance.
The rectifier adopts IR high-performance Schottky diode corresponding to high current.Moreover, with a smoothing capacitor with a small capacity, It got a sound with excellent speed. Also it was improved the freshness by simplifying the circuit.
High performance German made tube C3m is adopted as the first stage tube, it composed low noise and high quality sound driver stage.
The C3m tube has excellent electric characteristics and its sound quality is very beautiful.Remove the metal case as a Roctal tube and use it as a glass tube.This gives more natural sound to the sound quality.
The chassis is wooden materials, innovative and beautiful design in combination with champagne gold aluminum alloy transformer cover.
It is a material that is superior in strength and electricity, laminating thin veneers of Sakura wood and impregnating with phenolic resin and solidifying it.The transformer cover adopts 2mm thick champagne gold aluminum alloy with side plate made of Sakura wood and durable alumite plating and it is beautifully finished.
Yamamoto Sound Teflon socket which is high-performance, highly reliable and highly valued from all over the world
In the socket, put a slit, it is structured to hold the pin of the vacuum tube accurately.Therefore, while the vacuum tube inserted in the socket, the pin of the vacuum tube is held tightly, there is no rattling, it has the effect of preventing the influence of external vibration on the vacuum tube.
Adopted famous DALE resistances and polypyrene film capacitor with less distortion is adopted as the main part in the capacitor.
The large resistor is a non-induction type metal clad type, the medium capacity type is a highly accurate winding type, for small capacity type, it is used metal coating resistance and large surface mount type resistively.The polypropylene condenser is filled and bonded with ebony or bakelite case with high strength epoxy resin adhesive to increase the strength of the condenser and further improve the sound quality.

Chromium copper original pin jack for the input terminals and pure copper speaker terminal for speaker terminal.
Large terminal with Teflon insulation with pure copper scraping gold plating at output terminal.For this, even 8mm thickness speaker cable can be connected.
The leg base adopts beautifully echoing and rigidly Africa ebony bar is adopted.
The legs are fixed directly to the chassis made of COMPLITE to gain strength and reverberation, and support the entire weight accurately.
Adopt high-quality wire for power cable and hospital grade gold-plated terminal for plug.
If the quality of the tube amp also improves, changes in the sound quality due to the power cable will become more sensitive. Enjoy the change of sound by power cable.

Type 300B Single stereo power amplifier
Vacuum tube 300B x2(EML300BLX or JJ), C3m x2, 5U4G x1
Maximum output 8W + 8W
Frequency response 15Hz~22kHz(-3dB)
Residual noise 0.6mV
Input volume 100k ohms 2series A type volume
Input impedance 200k ohms
Dimensions 500(W)294(D)208(H)mm
Weight 18.8�s
*The power voltage is available from 100V to 240V/50,60Hz.

For order production, delivery may take 1 to 4 months.
Everything aligned. Major dynamics and jump factor. Very vibrant tone. Superb projection power across the room into the listening seat.
This one is far closer to the aural aesthetic of Yamamoto A-08S. In many respects, it clones the EML solid-plate 45 aroma and grafts it onto the 300B. I'm thus inclined to believe that it's thicker, slower, sweeter flavor -- in short, more of what most tend to think of as 300B-typical sound -- is due far less to the actual 300Bs. The A-09S doesn't simply quadruple power to otherwise sound exactly like the A-08S 45 amp. For those who find the 45 too stripped of romance, too energetic and lean, the 300B sibling makes a small concession of saturation and wetter textures. But those attributes are subservient to the dominance of Yamamoto 45 values and a function too of just what 300B you roll. True regardless is intensely holographic soundstaging, keen clarity, advanced directness without quite the crystallization of the 45s and highly developed tone colors (those go beyond the 45s). Drive and gain of the A-09S are unexpectedly potent, proven when I leashed up the broad-shouldered red deck to the 91dB DeVore Fidelity Nines. At 2:30 on the 12dB-gain ModWright's dial, these speakers acted ballsier than on a number of higher-powered amps.
The reproduction sound is a rich pattern that enriches the energy within a good band, the wooden chassis reflects timbre and sound quality.
There is feeling that warmth of the vacuum tube is felt as the bottom flow, impressive sound with clarity as its axis. String instruments have a good looking expression and the goodness of the keyboard instrument's rising edge is also impressive with a refreshing mood. The song feels the warmth of real voice behind scene, but clearly dimensional feeling.

Yamamoto Sound Craft A-09S 300B power amplifier

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