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  • Yamamoto Sound Craft A-08S
  • Yamamoto Sound Craft A-08S
  • Yamamoto Sound Craft A-08S
  • Yamamoto Sound Craft A-08S
  • Yamamoto Sound Craft A-08S
  • Yamamoto Sound Craft A-08S

Yamamoto Sound Craft
A-08S "45" single-tero amplifier

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Pursuing the sound of "45" to the limit

Pursuing the "45" sound with a well-reviewed "45" as a very good tube

A-08S is a small output, but its quality rather has the highest quality sound quality to win the highest class 300B amplifier. This amplifier is designed to combine with high efficiency speakers to obtain the best sound quality. DC ignition is adopted for both driver tube 717a and output tube 45. The noise level is a level that is sufficiently low as a single native method, and its level is at all in combination with high efficiency speakers in the range of about 0.3 mV to 0.7mV. The A-08S rectification tube adopts "80", "80" is much smaller than 5U4G, and the capacity and withstand voltage are considerably smaller than 5U4G, but a very clear and clear sound can be obtained excellent rectification It is a tube. "45" · "80" has a nas-type old vacuum pipe, not only normal ST type, and its sound has a unique good atmosphere. In A-08S, these eggplanar tubes can be used without special adjustment. Please experience valuable vintage sounds.

717A, 45 Vacuum Heater Heater Circuit Rectifier adopted a large-capacity Schottky diode of American International Lectidira. This diode has a very low impedance characteristic with a demonstration of the company from among many diodes around the world, and the rectification loss is reduced to about 0.3 V and the limit. The less insertion loss appears and appears. The A-08S is characterized by force that does not feel the small size of its output.

Power transformer, output transformer, choke coil adopts cut core transformer that can only be adopted for high-performance high-quality models with excellent regulation. Each transformer has a resin to maintain its performance and works to maintain quality. In particular, the output transformer adopts a custom-made 100 micron thick core and wound the insulating paper of Teflon, and further improves the frequency characteristics by improving the wound method for A-08S.
The resistances used for A-08S adopt Most parts of the United States DALE. Large resistors have no inductive type metal cladding, and the volumetric resistance is divided into the volume type, and the small volume of metal coating resistors. Both are made of the same DALE, and its sound quality is so good that it can not be compared to the domestic same class. The reliability is also more expensive because it is manufactured according to the US MIL standard.

Capacitors mainly adopt polypropylene condensers. Compared to normal chemical capacitors, the responsiveness to pulsed signals is excellent and the capacitor's own distortion rate is also very good. Since the difference in sound quality in this capacitor is largely affected by the power supply circuit as well as the power supply circuit, the sound quality is improved by adopting the polypropylene type with many parts of the power supply circuit. In addition, the power supply input capacitor and signal system coupling capacitors have adopted the company's original capacitor for capacitors and signal system coupling capacitors. These are impregnated with epoxy resin in ebony or bakelite cases by epoxy resin, and have improved large sound quality by preventing vibration of the device.

A-08S has a current meter that can read the current of the output tube. You can switch the left and right vacuum tubes with the switch on the right side of the meter to read their current values. This is very useful to allow the vacuum tube replacement time. "45" For vacuum pipe 35mA-43mA, it can be judged as the exchange time when these current values ​​are 65-70%.

The socket of this unit adopts a Teflon socket with a reputation with a high reliability, and to the input terminal, the chrome copper shaving terminal is to the external conductor, and the inner pin is a round pin terminal of the adjacent blue copper cricket. We adopt and adopt the finest pin jack that adopted Teflon as an insulation. The output terminal adopts a large-sized terminal of teflon insulation with pure copper crimping gold plating. This is also possible to connect the thicker speaker cable of 8 mm thick.

The legs have a well-established African ebony material that has a well-established clean. This African ebony material actually sounds like the material used for Oboe and clarinet, and is also highly evaluated as the company's settling material. The legs are fixed directly to COMPrite Chassis to obtain good strength and echoing, and support the overall weight.
format 45 Singles Telo Power Amplifier
Usage vacuum pipe 45 (Vintage Products manufactured by US) X2, 717A x2, 80 x 1 All Standard included
Maximum output 2W + 2W
Frequency characteristic 18-30kHz (1W output)
Input impedance 200kΩ
size 400 (W) 294 (D) 204 (H) mm
weight 14.3
Middle high-tone range is very rich and far from obscure. Vocals and Cymbals have a room that has never experienced. Thinking from all aspects (more than medium low range), this A-08S is the best sound amp while having been spending so far. However, for low-pass performance, I did not feel better than Geminis and other hand-held amplifiers. . Yamamoto offers music with more tones than any amplifier that I have ever owned. It will be drunk in the color of rich and deep tone. YAMAMOTO S is not monotonous, and unlike any amplifier I owned, it gives a sense of presence, tone, and sound image in the vocals. TJ Mesh 45S, new EML solid plate 45S, Radiotron Globes, Cunningham St type 45S tried to try all four tubes, but it is surprising which 45 tubes and Yamamoto sounds are. Furthermore, connection immediate performance for all output tubes does not occur at all. The sound of A-08S is much musical and there is a full silence during that time, and it gives a much more realistic sense than I expected.

Yamamoto Sound Craft A-08S "45" single-tero amplifier

Regular price ¥294,800 円
Regular price ¥294,800 円 Sale price ¥294,800 円
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