Started dealing with AMPHION

Amphion Loudspeaker Company was founded in 1998 in the town of Kuopio in central Finland, Northern Europe.
From the beginning, the company started targeting home audio, and is a manufacturer that aims for emotional expressiveness while having technology that can be used for professional use.

Amphion's goal is sound neutrality.
It faithfully reproduces the performance itself as the artist tried to express it, and the listener can listen to it as an original performance. The listener can become one with the sound of the artist's performance, just as if they were listening directly to a live performance.

In addition, Amphion's philosophy is that all people should be happy, and despite its affordable price, it provides a performance that allows people to enjoy "music" in any situation.
This is true not only in terms of sound, but also in terms of design, giving us a design of universality that can be used in any genre and for any purpose.

In particular, the Argon3S bookshelf speaker has already won high acclaim for general use.

amphion Argon3S Bookshelf Speakers 1 pair

Here is a speaker that is even used for professional use

amphion Krypton3 floorstanding speakers

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