YARLAND JAPANヤーランド製品の値上げについて

YARLAND JAPAN Price increase for YARLAND products

Highly acclaimed for its tube amplifiersYarlandhas increased its price following a complete overhaul.

The improvements include replacing all transformers in all amplifiers (six in the AUKLET series) with higher grade, higher performance transformers than were previously used.

The phono equalizers have also been upgraded significantly, as this was an area of considerable concern to the development staff.

The company's amplifiers undergo version-up model changes at regular intervals, but even during these intervals, minor changes that are not announced are repeatedly made to the amplifiers.

The same model can be made to look like an early model and a later model. Therefore, even the same model is totally different between the early and late models, he said.

This time, the vacuum tubes have been changed as well.TJ300-S3i,AUKLET-300J-2Iis 300B Kan has been changed to a black exterior specification. It is kind of cool.

YARLAND TJ300-S3I.jpgAUKLET-300J-2I.jpg

Yarland's model was conscientiously priced and its performance was more than twice the price and its reputation was also high, but it is a little regrettable that the price has been raised this time significantly, but apparently, the pricing has been quite aggressive and the price has been

However, it seems that the pricing had been very aggressive, and the fluctuation of the exchange rate had also contributed to the situation, which could have resulted in a loss of profitability. However, it seems that the price was set very aggressively, and the exchange rate fluctuation helped to make the price unprofitable.

The after-sales service is also excellent, as they are responsible and sincere in their customer service.

Please try the new Yarland tube amplifiers.

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