YARLAND Yarland Amplifier

I had a customer inquire the other day about a Yarland amplifier.

I am very interested in Yarland amplifiers because the Chinese amplifier I had purchased from them had a burning smell that was very bothersome when it was first heated up.

I am very interested in Yarland amps, but I was wondering if something like that would happen to a Yarland amp made in China. I have never had such a problem with a Yarland amp, but I am not sure if it would happen with a Yarland amp made in China.

However, I checked again with the manufacturer to be sure, and it seems that cheap Chinese amps use cheap paint used in China for the transformer coating, which burns the paint and produces a bad smell when the amp is first used.

Yarland's products use high quality paint that meets European standards, so this does not happen to them.

Also, the AUKLET series used to take two to three weeks for delivery, but now they have switched to always having stock on hand, so they can usually ship in two or three days.

As I have mentioned before, the reason why I started dealing with Yarland products was because of their good sound and beautiful appearance.

From the first time tube amp user to the enthusiast, you'll fully appreciate it, so come on! Actually, the speakers are good looking too!


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