YARLAND ヤーランドから新製品


YARLAND JAPAN Yarland has added a new amplifier to its lineup.

TJ61-P,AUKLET-845J-2,TJ845/211-S2, TJ150/34-P3debuted respectively.

First up.TJ61-PThe TJ61-P is a compact tube amp with a DAC and can also be used as a headphone amp!


It takes up very little space at 200mm x 230mm x 152mm, so it can be used on a desktop with a digital player or PC via direct USB connection, and can also be used as a headphone amplifier.

You can enjoy your stored digital music with rich sound that only vacuum tubes can provide!

The 6.5mm headphone jack allows you to enjoy music with headphones even late at night.

The impedance is also compatible with a wide range of headphones, from 16 to 64 ohms.Impedance: 16 to 64 ohms


The overall gray design, which has never been seen before, is quite outstanding. At a quick glance, the finish looks as if it were monochrome (laugh).

The wood grain finish is also excellent. The price is also reasonable and quite a bargain.


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