Enjoy maximum binaural sound from VR goggles

Bakun Products has come out with something interesting again.
This time it is a headphone amp dedicated to the recently popular VR goggles, an item that raises the sound quality level of VR to bring the virtual world closer to the real world for enjoyment.

Here is the product.
Satri Circuit Laboratory VHA-5240A

Satri Circuit Laboratory VHA-5240B

Satri Circuit Laboratory VHA-5240C


Since it is designed to be attached to VR goggles, it is so small and lightweight that a battery for driving it must be attached separately, but even so, it is not particularly uncomfortable to wear. The case is manufactured in-house using a 3D printer, which seems to contribute greatly to the low price. The models sent to us still have some roughness in their construction, but since they have introduced a high-precision 3D printer, the cases will be made with higher precision in the future. The cases are made of lightweight, high-strength woven carbon fiber.
There are three types of cases: a case with a belt loop and a model with volumeVHA-5240Aand the model without volumeVHA-5240Band a model that eliminates the belt loop to make it an earphone amp that can be used anywhere.VHA-5240C


The connection method is from the earphone jack of the VR goggles to the amplifier. It is also compatible with goggles that have separate left and right outputs. The output of the amplifier is also compatible with both regular stereo types and independent left and right types.If your VR goggles are not equipped with volume control, you can use the VHA-5240A with volume to adjust the volume as desired. If your goggles are equipped with volume control, use the VHA-5240B without volume. By eliminating the volume, the sound is more accurate and richer than the 5240A, thanks to a much higher input impedance.


Try VR viewing with the actual equipment in place; VR images take a great deal of the senses to the visual part of the image. Still, 360-degree ambient sound is essential for virtual reality, and the quality of binaural sound determines the reality. From a sensory point of view, I am not sure if there is any merit in making the music live-like images VR in the first place, but I think the sound has increased the sense of depth. Personally, I have the impression that the binaural effect is more clearly defined by the VHA-5240 for images that are more like traveling around in an exotic location. In other words, it became easier to understand the distance where the sound comes from, or it would be more correct to say that it became more realistic and linked to the images. Perhaps because of this, some people who enjoy playing games have commented that the VHA-5240 makes it easier for them to understand the distance and position of their surroundings, so it can be said that this product is more suited for games where you can enjoy virtual reality.

And with its low price, it may be the perfect product for those who want to be more immersed in virtual reality!

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