PC サウンドを一新したい!

I need a PC sound makeover!

In the heyday of digital music, you store a lot of downloaded music on your PC and enjoy your music life in many different styles.

DSD, Hi-Resand high-resolution, we are supposed to be able to enjoy music with the highest sound quality.are not satisfied with the sound reproduced.and should be able to enjoy music with the highest sound quality, there are many people who are not satisfied with the sound reproduced.

Even with high-resolution audio, the sound is almost as good as CDs. However, they do not want to spend a lot of money on expensive audio equipment or major upgrades.

For those who think so, we recommend the Aug-Line USB cable for music, a brand developed by Mutoh Manufacturing Co.

This time it is the Solid Aug-Line USB SE Special Edition. It was featured in an audio magazine.

Solid Aug-Line USB SE Special Edition


A different sound no matter who you listen toI was surprised at how different the sound was. Anyway, the digital sound delivered by the luxury cables, which have been developed by OGRAIN with a triple blend of platinum, gold, and silver, and noise suppression that could not be better, gives you a true sound that you have never heard before!

 Various measures are taken to prevent noise, such as wrapping a sheet made of a special insulator around the conductor, according to the grade and features of the product.


The USB Special Edition is a bit expensive, but it is far more effective than changing audio equipment, so it is a good value in the end. If the Special Edition is not quite affordable, the normal Solid Aug-Line USB cable introduced previously will also surprise you enough.

Solid Aug-Line USB Cable

In addition to cable changes, another product that dramatically improves audio from PCs is the USC-1001, a USB/SPDIF digital signal converter that can be inserted between a PC or other USB output and a DAC.

USB/SPDIF Digital Signal Converter USC-1001

The USC-1001 converts USB digital audio signals output from a PC into linear PCM SPDIF signals. The output from a PC is accompanied by a large amount of noise, resulting in poor sound quality.The USC-1001 not only cancels out digital noise, but also outputs a digital signal with a very fast rise and fall, so that a signal with less jitter than the input signal can be obtained. In addition, the USC-1001 can also be used forThe USC-1001 output has almost no ringing and a short rise time, resulting in less jitter and improved sound quality.
The USC-1001 has coaxial, optical, and balanced outputs, so it can be used in accordance with your equipment.

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