Speaking of Micropure, isn't it famous for CZ302ES and his CZ201ES, CZ310ES, APM-1, etc. for Awards in the American "Enjoy THE MUSIC"? It is common to be unbelievable from a small enclosure and it is a high resolution sound image and rich sound.

Currently, since each small monitor speaker is adopted mainly, we are making it widely installed from production sales and maintenance.

This small Nearfield Monitor AP5001 II is a professional specification, but it is generally not sold generally, but it is great to adopt each station, MA studio etc.. We also have good assessments for overseas.

Unfortunately, it does not handle the contract for domestic business. "For domestic to domestic", so if you are living abroad, you can sell without problems, so I would like to try it. Please feel free to contact us.


10cm Full Range Japanese Paper Textile Mixed Original Cone With 6n Pure Copper Voice COIL
Copper Plated Short Ring with High Performance Magnetic Circuit
Impedance 4OHMS
Output Sound Pressure Level
89 dB / w / m
Rate input 60W
Momentary Input 160W
Cabinet MDF Micropure Bass-Reflex
Seignen 2.8 kg
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