FAL FLAT C60平面スピーカードライバーユニットの改良

Improved FAL FLAT C60 flat speaker driver unit

The FAL FAL flat speaker is aFLAT C60The diaphragm and yoke of the FLAT C60 have been improved.
The main point of this improvement is that a reinforcement pier was inserted in the middle of the voice coil bobbin to eliminate resonance in the mid-high range and to improve the input resistance.

FAL C60 back.JPG

The company's top-of-the-line unit, theFLAT C90This technology was applied to the C60 to reduce resonance and eliminate chattering sound at high input or when playing a specific sound source.
This technology is applied to the C60.C90has replaced the aluminum pipe reinforcement in the middle of the voice coil bobbin with a lighter weight nomex paper (polyamide resin) reinforcement pier, resulting in higher sound quality.
C60has also been improved to provide a wider, deeper, and richer soundstage.
We would like to widely recommend this unit to our customers because it can now be used as a broadband midrange unit in a multi-amp system and can also be powered, making it a versatile unit.
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