New bookshelf speakers from FAL.

FAL's flat speakers, renowned for their substance and realism, are now available in a mid-sizeSupreme S C-60to the easy-to-use bookshelf typeSupreme S C60 Bookshelfis now available!
The new and improved driver unit has reduced resonance and eliminated the chattering sound at high input and certain sound source playback.
Up until now, the company's bookshelf type speakers have been close to the size of a desktop and have a small unit.Supreme S C-40So the C-60 size bookshelf is finally here! It can be said that the C-60 size bookshelf is finally here!
For those who cannot place floor-type speakers due to space limitations, or for those who want to enjoy music to the fullest regardless of the genre of music with bookshelf-type speakers, these are the best speakers for you.
Since this speaker brand was originally created to suit tube amplifiers, these speakers also have high efficiency, and are bookshelf speakers that allow you to fully enjoy your tube amplifiers!
You can choose from black, white, or wood grain color variations. Piano finish is also available as an option for an extra charge.

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