EXCEL SOUNDエクセルサウンドの取扱い始めました。

EXCEL SOUND We have started to deal in EXCEL SOUND.

We are pleased to offer two supreme cartridges from EXCEL SOUND, a long-established analog cartridge manufacturer.


Etsuro Lacquerand "Etsuro Urushi" COBALT BLUEis the culmination of 50 years of EXCEL SOUND's history, and is the result of a fusion of the latest technology and traditional craftsmanship to create an unparalleled, beautifully flowing MC cartridge.

The cantilever is made of sapphire, and in the case of "Etsuro Lacquer", the cartridge base is also made of solid sapphire!


The cartridge cover is made of lightweight and high-strength duralumin, which was used in the Zero fighter plane, and the stylus tip is made of micro-line diamond with a curvature of 80μ, which is in contact with the sound groove of the record. The coating film adheres tightly to the housing and suppresses the characteristic squeal of duralumin. The result is not only a luxurious and beautiful traditional craftwork, but also an impressive solution to the weak points of duralumin.

As a side note, Excel Sound is located very close to our store, and we can fly there immediately for after-sales service.

Please enjoy this rare cartridge. We are also grateful for the fact that we can deliver it in about a week for such a high-end product.
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