Bakoon Products SCA-7500K 特割セール

Bakoon Products SCA-7500K Special Discount Sale

Bakoon Products Compact AmplifierSCA-7500Kis going on special discount sale! That's 10% off the regular price!

SCA-7500KThe SCA-7500K is an upgraded model of the limited edition AMP-KUMAMOTO, which was the talk of the town the year before last.

While AMP-KUMAMOTO had an input impedance of 1kΩ, SCA-7500K has an input impedance of 100kΩ, making it a very attractive model in terms of compatibility with tube amplifiers with high output impedance and improved speaker drive power.

In addition, it used to take 5 or 6 minutes after turning on the power switch until the bias was adjusted in AMP-KUMAMOTO, but in SCA-7500K, a bias turbo circuit was introduced to reduce the rise time to about 10 seconds.

Since the SCA-7500K has only RCA inputs, it is an attractive model that allows you to enjoy the overwhelming reproduction sound of the SATRI circuit with your own preamplifier, etc., without being confined to the SATRI link.

Don't miss this opportunity!


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