Bakoon Products SATRI Sound

Are you interested in Bakoon Products, but not sure what it sounds like? What are they like?

We are sure that such questions will come to mind, and not only for Bakoon Products.

We hope that you will be able to visualize the sound of Bakun by watching the video on the product page.

In this case, I found a video of an interview and viewing of a visit to Baccoon Products uploaded on youtube.

I think it will help you understand what Bakun Products is all about. The images are a bit messy, but I hope you enjoy the video.

The equipment used is a D/A converterDAC-9730, Phono equalizer amplifierEQA-5620MK3, preamplifierPRE-5410MK3. The power amplifiers are And the power amplifier isSHP-5516Mand the power amplifier is

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