Bakoon Products HDA-5210MK3ですが

Bakoon Products HDA-5210MK3.

Selling well. For overseas customers.


The manufacturer Bakun Products itself is not well known in Japan.Kumamoto!It is a manufacturer in Kumamoto, Japan. They don't advertise.

But we are a well-known name overseas. North America, East, Southeast Asia, Southern Europe, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Oceania... In fact, most of Bakun's products in our store are ordered by customers from all over the world. Mostly by word of mouth.

The features are our original SATRI-IC (Satori) and two ways of input/output, voltage and current.


Voltage is a general input/output using RCA terminals, and current is a general input/output using BNC terminals. The current is a unique current input/output called SATRI-LINK (SATRI-LINK) using BNC terminals. First, theThe sound is totally different.


You can also choose the attenuator. There are three types of attenuators, from the standard volume to a more precise and detailed one.


The S/N ratio is high, resolution, depth, sound field, and presence are deep, quiet, and three-dimensional, so you can hear fine and detailed sounds that you couldn't hear before.

Bakun Products' products range from full-size to compact size for easy handling. Listening samples are also available.

Come on over to the one in Japan!


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