Bakoon Products AMP-5521 パワーアンプについて

About Bakoon Products AMP-5521 Power Amplifier

AMP-5521 Power Amplifieris the company's mid-range amplifier, but it makes full use of the latest circuitry.
The output power is 35W+35W in stereo, and 100W in mono BTL specification.
The most significant feature is the overall use of surface-mounted components with no lead wires for the parts that make up the amplifier. Until now, the resistors, capacitors, and semiconductors in the company's amplifiers have used components with leads.
However, few products currently use leaded components, and leaded components have become increasingly difficult to obtain.
The company was faced with a choice: continue to use expensive leaded components or change the amplifier design itself and use leadless surface-mount components.
The company chose to use surface mount components.
Not only that, but by using leadless surface-mount components, the company decided to create a high-precision amplifier that could not be realized before.
When lead wires are present, the sound is colored by the material and properties of the lead wires. By eliminating lead wires, we wanted to eliminate this coloration as well. In using surface-mounted components, we reviewed the design method of the printed circuit board on which the components are placed. We reduced the wiring length of the printed pattern, which is colored in the same way as lead wires, to 1/4 or less. We also developed many new circuits that can be made more precise by using surface mount components.
Until now, it took about 4 minutes for the bias current to stabilize, but with the AMP-5521 we have succeeded in reducing this to less than 10 seconds.
When used in combination with SATRI speakers, the AMP-5521 provides realistic sound reproduction as if the player is right in front of you.

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