Bakoon Products製品ご紹介  SCA-7511mk3パワーアンプ

Bakoon Products Product Introduction SCA-7511mk3 Power Amplifier

SCA-7511mk3is the entry model of the company.
Output is 15W+15W in stereo.
It was developed for easy and precise music reproduction.
The inputs are two voltage inputs.
It can play iPhones, iPads, music players, etc.
Speakers are not required, but if you want to listen to music at high volume, we recommend a product with a speaker efficiency of 90 dB or higher.
We especially recommend older speakers from the 1960s because they have high efficiency and are inexpensive at second-hand stores.
The only controls are the power switch, volume, and input switching, so even women who are not good at operating machines can operate them without difficulty.
We have the FAL S-C40 small speaker and theSold as a setWe also sell them as a set with FAL S-C40 speakers, so you can start playing music right away.
Even with the volume turned down, it is possible to hear the music clearly if the surroundings are quiet, so there is no need to use headphones even late at night.
Also, even at high volume, it does not interfere with conversation, making it ideal for playing background music in restaurants and hospitals.

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