Bakoon Productsバクーンプロダクツから新世代のハイエンドアンプ誕生

Bakoon ProductsThe birth of a new generation of high-end amplifiers from Bakoon Products

Bakoon Products has debuted a new generation of high-end amplifiers, both power amplifiers and preamplifiers.

However, as some of you may know, they debuted ahead of their Japanese counterparts in the neighboring country of Korea, where the two countries have recently become catastrophically unfriendly, and have been quite well received.

The most important features of this model areNo SATRI-LINK, i.e., no current transmissioninstead of SATRI-LINK. InsteadNew balanced connectionbalanced connection.

It is said that it started when a dealer who originally purchased a PAW-100W PA amplifier tested it and found that it had so much information that it could not be considered a PA amplifier, so he asked us to make an amplifier for pure audio.

OP amps are used for balanced-unbalanced conversion; using OP amps makes the sound fatter than a pure SATRI circuit.

The amplifier circuit does not use SATRI-IC, so the accuracy is one digit lower than that of AMP-5521 and other SATRI-LINK-equipped amplifiers. The thick and taut sound obtained by the OP amplifier in addition to the latest HIBIK(I)-IC and HBFBC-IC circuits installed in AMP-KUMAMOTO is a sound that could not be obtained with the conventional SATRI-IC circuit. Even if the accuracy has been reduced, it is more than compensated for because Bakoon's amplifiers are originally of ultra-high definition and high accuracy.

The power increase isAMP-5570


The AMP-5570 is complemented by the AMP-5440 preamplifier, which lowers the overall center of gravity and creates a much more spacious and colorful environment. The power amplifier direct is good, but the preamplifier is definitely better.

In fact, Mr. Nagai, the president and developer of Bakun Products, seemed to have some reservations about the two XLR balanced units without the SATRI-IC circuit and using an OP amp instead of SATRI-LINK (understandable, since they are sealed off from current transmission, which is the key to the system...).

However, what can be said for sure about the AMP-5570 and AMP-5440 is that they are now free from SATRI-LINK, allowing them to be used with high-end audio equipment from other manufacturers without hesitation. Since it is no longer a current transmission, we can also now enjoy changes in sound by using various cables.

I believe that these are the best two units of the new generation that will allow users who have been reluctant to use SATRI-LINK to enjoy BACCOON amplifiers.

The preamplifiers.AMP-5440


This is a demo performance at an audio show in Korea. For your reference

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