Bakoon ProductsのCAPシリーズからニューモデル

New model from Bakoon Products' CAP series

Three new models from Bakoon Products' CAP series of small size models are now available!

All of them are designed for digital audio, and all of them support 192KHzFs / 24bit sampling data!

One of them is already available for pre-order.Digital signal selector CAP-1006which is a digital signal selector.


It provides digital signal output to most devices such as CD players, DVD players, TVs, PCs, and mobile players.
The internal logic circuitry also uses high-speed logic, so signals with a slow rise time can be converted to high-speed signals by passing them through this unit, and signals with little jitter can be converted.

And the long-awaited DACCAP-1005


The CAP-1005 is a D/A converter that supports 192KHz/24-bit sampling data.
The analog output circuit uses Bakun Products' proprietary SATRI circuit instead of a standard op-amp to reproduce high-resolution sound sources with high precision.

Finally, it is inserted between the USB output of a PC or other device and the DAC.USB/SPDIF Digital Signal Converter USC-1001


The USC-1001 converts USB digital audio signals output from a PC to linear PCM SPDIF signals.
Outputs include coaxial, optical, and professional-use digital audio signal transmission standard AES/EBU balanced outputs.
The output is a digital signal with a very fast rise and fall, so that a signal with less jitter than the input signal can be obtained.
The output of a CD player has fine vibration ringing on the rising and falling edges that can cause jitter, but the USC-1001's output has almost no ringing and a short rise time, resulting in less jitter and improved sound quality.

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