Bakoon Productsからニューモデル!!

New model from Bakoon Products!

It was announced at the end of last year, and now we finally have it in our lineup!

First of alliphone7+ sizeof the headphone amp.HDA-5230It is a This is theheadphone amplifier dedicated to current output.and powered by a rechargeable battery.

The price is 160,000 yen.

As you can get an idea of the size in the photo, from left to right, the digital noise reduction filterFIL-3101, HDA-5230Headphone AmplifierHDA-5210mk3, Compact Power AmplifierSCA-7511mk3are. As you can see from the headphone comparison, they are all compact.

The HDA-5230 is a fraction smaller than the other amplifiers (^^)


The other one is the power amplifier of the 25th anniversary of Bakun Products and the 65th anniversary of Mr. Nagai, the president of Bakun Products.AMP-7511AIt's the AMP-7511A!

The inputs are 2 each for both voltage and SATRI-LINK inputs. Output is 24W at 8 ohm load.The culmination of SATRI technology


As the story goes, Bakun Products will soon officially notify us that the price of the product will be raised due to the soaring cost of parts. The price is expected to go up by about 10%.

If you are thinking of purchasing one now, place your order before the price goes up!

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