Augline's cut-off cables are popular.

Augline's cut-off cables are popular.

Augline, a manufacturer of audio cables made of precious metals, offers single-wire cut-off cables in addition to audio cables, speaker cables, and power cables, which are selling well both in Japan and abroad. These cables are widely used for everything from home-made cables to internal wiring of audio equipment and cables for tweeters.

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Yamamura Crawly Limited/Be Yamamura, a famous high-end brand in Europe in the past, has recognized the performance of Augline cables and noise eliminators to such an extent that they were adopted as OEM products for amplifiers, equipment, and speakers that support the Yamamura sound. It has also been featured in numerous audio magazines and won awardsYamamura has also been featured in numerous audio magazines and won awards.

Augline is a manufacturer specializing in precious metal processing technology and special precious metal welding, focusing on gold and platinum products.

Mutoh Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a brand of audio cables.

The "Aug Alloy" developed by the company is a blend of gold and silver,It combines the excellent electrical properties of silver with the acid resistance and elongation of gold.

In developing the conductor, the company focused on silver



Ruthenium, Nickel,

rhodium, rhodium, and copper to create alloy cables,

We arrived at the "Aug Alloy" after repeated listening and evaluation. The +Pt and +α advanced materials were finished by changing the mixing ratio of silver, gold, and platinum.

The gold and silver used are not industrial materials,

that have been tested for grade by the central government.

5N for precious metals and jewelry(99.999%), a high-grade material with extremely low content of oxides and sulfides.

The melting of Aug alloys is performed in a high-frequency electric furnace without any oxygen or impurities,

The melting and density of the alloys are then hammered repeatedly using a large press, just as Japanese swords are forged, to eliminate any unevenness in melting and density.

To prevent the material from becoming directional

Rolling process and

The alloy is then subjected to a wire drawing process to ensure that no directionality occurs. In the final process, the cables are slowly passed one by one through a tunnel-type electric furnace filled with hydrogen gas to undergo an annealing process (

The slight residual oxides in the cable are adsorbed by the hydrogen, so the conductor contains no impurities.

The conductor of Augline, which is not merely a mixture of silver, gold, and platinum, but a combination of advanced metal processing technology and metal product heat treatment technology, is finished with the most superior Teflon.

PTFE, which has the best insulation properties among Teflon, is used to cover the conductor.

This will never change from interconnected cables with terminals to cut-off cables.Soft, easy to handle, resistant to corrosion and with the best sound" are the characteristics of Augline cables.

Please give it a try.

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