Aug-Line Aug-Line cut-off cables

Newly developed Aug-Line +Pt 2-core analog cable for cut sale from Mutoh's Aug-Line, which features conductors made of high-purity gold, silver, and platinum."AugLine +Pt 2-core shielded cableThe new product is "Augline +Pt 2-core shielded cable".

The signal line is made of Augline +Pt, a high-purity precious metal alloy that Augline is proud of, and Teflon is used for insulation. The double shielding of the wheel shield and the mesh wire shield is adopted to take all possible noise countermeasures. The outer diameter is thin and flexible at approximately 4mm, and the conductor is 2-core shielded, so a high performance cable can be made simply by attaching a plug such as RCA, XLR, or phono cable. These cables are also ideal for internal wiring of equipment.

Also, it is available in a variety of colors and sizes.Digital cable for USBare now also available for sale in bulk. This one is without USB plug, and the cable is the same as the whole USB digital cable.

Both cables may be quite a bargain, as they will fully demonstrate the performance of your existing augmentation lines if you install the plugs to suit your purposes.

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