Analog Relax/アナログリラックスの製品を取り扱い始めました!

We now carry Analog Relax products!

Analog Relax is an innovative analog-related product line that has never been seen before.Analog Relax productsWe've started to carry the

The KOI-OTO KOI-OTO series of wooden cartridges, which have attracted attention by creating a sound aiming at a deep sound, are made of zelkova wood with an oval needle tip and an oval body.StandardStandard with a square oval needle tip and a walnut body with a copper wire coilAdvancedand maple body with square oval and silver coils.Silverand the Silver Series with a square oval maple body and silver wire coils. The S series has a slightly smaller body.

All of them are the result of Analog Relax's efforts, from planning and development to the production of the world's high-end cartridges, in cooperation with Japanese cartridge craftsmen.

analog relax KOI-OTO.jpg

Standard Cartridgeis overwhelmingly thick and suitable for jazz-rock.Advancedbalances density and clarity at a high level and is suitable for jazz rock.Silverhas a delicate sparkle in its density and is suitable for classical music.

My impression from listening to the comparison of each model with the DENON DL-103 is that theStandardAs soon as I switched from the DL-103 to the standard model, the sound was literally thicker and darker, making me think, "Wow. I guess you could say that the sound is different. I could understand the purpose of Analog Relax simply and clearly. NextAdvanceThe needle tip was changed and the body was also changed, and the high frequency range was obviously extended and the sound was better than the standard. However, the low frequency range became a little lighter. I have an impression that the low frequency range has become a little lighter. Next, we move on to theSilverThe coil is now silver wire, which gives the impression that the high frequency range has been extended and the low frequency range has been deepened.StandardandAdvancedI have the impression that all the slightly lacking parts of

We hope that you will use it according to the genre of music you listen to.

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