Analog Relax Analog Relax Ginjo leads

The popular Analog Relax Ginjo lead wires are now available in "Daiginjo"!

Daiginjo LeadsandDaiginjo Lead Premiumare two types. The prices are incredible, but

The lead wires are also amazing. Mr. Karasawa of KS-Remasta, a lead wire craftsman who has been featured in a magazine as a ginjo lead wire manufacturer, made the lead wires.

The solder joints of the vintage wires are polished in eight processes until they reach a mirror finish, creating a solder alloy layer and an ideal sound.

The process is time-consuming and can take up to a day.Daiginjo Reed PremiumWe can only make one set of Daiginjo-Reed Premium per day!

Please enjoy another dimension of sound with your cartridges!

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