About buying

Oita, it was a seasons that are easy to spend.

Asian tournaments in Korea and Incheon are slightly exciting,

Actually, Bacoon products are quite famous for overseas audio fans, and Bacoon Products products are very popular among his land's audio fans.

There are many Bakoon Mania fascinated by other products of Bachan Products.


It is the purchase of the main subject,

We also buy our shop. If you are broken and non-repairable audio equipment, mini-component, etc. will be traded at higher values ​​than large stores!

Products that are powerful are STAX, Kozo, IKEDA, 70's to 90's products. If it is a complete beauty, we will definitely buy a high price!

First of all, please contact us by email.


As it is a personal shop if it becomes too expensive product, the purchase itself will be difficult, but as well as understanding. .

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