Yamamoto Acoustic Craft Amplifier

After much delay in thinking about using product updates, we have finally added a group of Yamamoto Acoustic Craft tube amplifiers to our lineup.

First of all. We are waiting for your order! All of them, except A-08S, are available with or without output tubes. Also, almost all of Yamamoto Acoustic Craft's amplifiers are handmade to order, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

Delivery Date

The A-08S is the ultimate pursuit of the "45" sound, which has an established reputation as a good-sounding vacuum tube.


A-011 "2A3" with input volume for the best sound quality when connected directly to a CD player


WE205D output tube-only single stereo amplifier A-08S-205D


A-010 VT-52, the hidden gem of Western Electric's VT-52


Want to enjoy the sound of 300B tubes easily. The A-014 is a 300B non-reduction single amp with input volume developed for those who want to enjoy the sound of 300B tubes easily.



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