Yoshishiba Acoustic's monaural amplifier

YOSHIBA MODEL KLV-66 Monaural Amplifier with Volumewith volume.

This is about the thoughts and direction of this amplifier that Mr. Yoshishiba mentioned on his Facebook page during the development stage.

This amp is designed beyond the common sense (and the rumors of the world). I look forward to seeing if it approaches the sound I expect.'

This is an amp using 6V6 tubes, which are reasonably priced, but I want to inject performance into it that will sound as good as, if not better than, vintage amps.

I'm now getting the sound I like best out of this amp. Is it the greatness of a small amp that cannot be underestimated? I think it is the greatness of a small amp.


In fact, the punchy bass is very pleasant. The volume and tone controls make it very easy to use, and it doesn't take up much space, which is also good.

The fact that it is monaural does not bother me at all, and although it would be better to use two units, one unit is not inadequate at all. I hope you enjoy the sound!

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