New EXCELLENT 1 debuts from Analog Relax!

Analog Relax, a company that makes record cartridges with the utmost care, has added a new top-of-the-line MC cartridge to its lineup. The name of the cartridge isEXCELLENT 1We have heard that it has been under development for some time, and now it has finally been completed and made its debut. The details of the product are left to the product page, but it has the wooden body, sapphire cantilever, and custom-made line-contact needle that Analog Relax is known for. Well, almost all of the company's cartridges are a combination of handmade and custom-made products by craftsmen.

The cartridge craftsman and the customer went through dozens of prototypes and auditioned them before finally completing the product. It will take about a month and a half for delivery, but you will enjoy the sound woven from the sapphire cantilever and the custom-made line-contact needle!


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