Astro Electronics Announces Low-Priced LK.AL Series

Our popular low-pricedLK.AL seriesAL series, which are generally expensive products in Astro Electronic Planning.less than half the priceThe price is less than half of the original price.

The main features are the use of an aluminum alloy 52S plate for the chassis instead of expensive thick mirror-finished stainless steel and the use of SEL (Sugano Electric Laboratory Co., Ltd.) transformers instead of expensive Hashimoto transformers.

Even so, the chassis52S aluminum alloy is 2mm thick and stronger than aluminum, making it the second most suitable material for amplifier chassis after stainless steel.The SEL (Sugano Electric Laboratory) transformer is a carefully selected Astro Electronics name original production transformer.

The internal parts are made ofThe same carefully selected parts as those used in high-end models are used.the same quality as the high-end models.Artistic internal wiringand is as good as the higher-end models. In fact, there is no cutting corners and quite a bit ofamplifier series that bleeds great service.and it's a great series!

If you're looking for a tube amp with the best sound possible, but at a lower price, this is the series for you! And of course, they are handmade in Japan!

The LK series consists of 4 types of amplifiers (2 types of power amps, PP type and single type, preamplifier and equalizer amps) and 2 types of MC transformers, totaling 8 models.

You can choose KT88 or 6550, push-pull or single, depending on the sound you like.

Push-pull power amplifierSE-KT88LK

Single Power AmplifierSE-KT88sLK

Push-pull power amplifierSE-6550LK

Single Power AmplifierSE-6550sLK


Equalizer AmplifierEQ150LK

Low-impedance MC TransformerSE-MC33DL

High-Low Switching MC TransformerSE-77DUS



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