Outlet Resale

Successor model of AMP-KUMAMOTO, which was a popular limited model and sold out at the end of the year due to popular demandSCA-7500JThe outlet model of the AMP-KUMAMOTO was sold out at the end of the year due to popular demand, but now three more units have been produced! If you missed it last time, this is your chance!


Also, our other outlet amps are still on sale to rave reviews!

New Model Power AmplifiersSCA-7511MK4and preamplifierPRE-7610MK4are outlet items of the PRE-7610MK4 preamplifier. Both models are pre-sales in the form of pre-outlets with the current MK3 being discontinued and the completely new MK4 circuitry installed in its stock chassis.

Although they are replacement chassis, the MK"3" in the number portion of the "4The price of the MK4 has gone up considerably since the MK3 due to the higher cost of the parts used, so this outlet product is not a replacement for the MK4.This outlet product is a great bargain!We think it is a very good deal.

The number of units is getting low by popular demand, so don't miss out on this opportunity!!!


Furthermore, this is a completely original model power amp for outlet use only!AMP-5100JOAMP-5100JO This model is also based on the old AMP-5521 chassis and the SCA-7511MK3 base, and is somewhere between a middle-class and a small-class power amplifier. The reduced output has a headphone jack, which is good news for those who also use headphones. It's a great amp for all!

The front panel is limited to one black metallic and two brown metallic units.


All outlets are equipped with SATR-IC with high grade UL. Early birds get first dibs, so don't miss out!!!

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