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Yamamoto Sound Craft
YS-605P 38cm flat baffle speaker 1piece

Product code: YS-605P

Yamamoto Sound Craft YS-605P 38cm flat baffle speaker 1piece

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This is a made-to-order product. Price is for one unit. It takes about 2-3 months for delivery.

Vintage unit on flat baffle

Vintage unit refined in Yamamoto Acoustic style

The YS-605P is a speaker system made by refining ALTEC's 605A or 605B coaxial speaker unit by Yamamoto Acoustic Crafts and mounting it on a simple flat baffle. With a high efficiency of approximately 100dB/1W.1m, the ALTEC coaxial type unit, which can obtain a lively sound from a small output vacuum tube amplifier, has been modified as an original unit with improved sound quality by applying Yamamoto Acoustic Craft's long-standing technology.

Simple flat baffle system without a box

The flat baffle system was adopted for the 605A and 605B units, which have a relatively low bass level easily obtained with little midrange rise. The flat baffle provides a natural resonance and clear sound that cannot be obtained in an enclosure. The advantage of the flat baffle is that the volume of the low frequency range is modest, but the clarity of the mid and low frequency range is difficult to obtain.
The baffle is made of laminated asada cherry wood, which is the best sounding material for speakers, and we have succeeded in producing this product at a low price.

Round horn machined from ebony

The most distinctive feature of the YS-605P is the use of an original round horn machined from ebony wood. The hard and dense solid ebony wood makes the horn unit almost resonance-free. The shape of the horn is a short round horn with a high cutoff frequency to minimize the effect on the woofer unit.

Simple network with a single condenser

ALTEC has a network that is configured to suppress the midrange and summarize the frequency response. Yamamoto Acoustic Crafts designed the original horn unit with the aim of adopting a network that can combine a filter and attenuator with a single capacitor by taking advantage of the attenuation characteristics of the high frequency range. The extremely simple network with a single capacitor can achieve practical frequency response and minimize the discontinuity of phase characteristics between the bass and treble frequencies.

For the filter condenser, a high-performance lug terminal type polypropylene condenser made by Sprague (Dearborn) of the U.S. is used, whose case is made of ebony and impregnated with high-strength epoxy resin. The speaker terminals have been replaced with Yamamoto Acoustic Works' original large terminals, which reduces the number of contacts in the terminal area by a total of four, greatly increasing the amount of information in the music.

It has been said that ALTEC 604 and 605 series speakers are suitable for jazz and popular music but not for classical music, but these improvements have increased their suitability for classical music as well.
Type Flat baffle type 38cm coaxial 2-way speaker system
Speaker unit ALTEC 605A or 605B (modified by Yamamoto Acoustic Craft)
Unit quality for mid and high frequencies Ebony wood, circular horn
Flat baffle material Laminated asada cherry wood 25mm thick, urethane coating
Impedance 16Ω
Frequency Response 35Hz~18,000Hz
Dimensions 996(W)x910(H)x285(D)mm
Weight 36kg
*YS-605P uses vintage units. Those units were manufactured about 40 years ago and their condition varies from unit to unit. There are some differences in condition, appearance, and sound quality, such as old diaphragms that can be kept as they are, or diaphragms that have been re-covered and replaced. Please note that there may be differences due to these factors when the product is delivered.