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5881-PP/KT-66 Power amplifier

Product code: YOS-2235-1

YOSHIBA Onkyo  5881-PP/KT-66 Power amplifier

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Beautiful and extended sound

Beautiful sound with extension

This tube is one of the most modern tubes among vacuum tubes, and is also considered to be the second generation of beam tubes.
The sound is beautiful and extended. The sound does not stick in the ear even after long listening time, which is a characteristic of this company.
The frequency response is almost identical to the BTS standard, which makes for a more natural sound.

Tubes used 5881 x4, KT-66 x4
Transformer used Yoshishiba Acoustics original
Output 21W + 21W
Frequency Response 50Hz~15kHz
Speaker terminal Banana plug compatible
Power supply 100V/50,60Hz