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Yamamoto Sound Craft
YC-03S Stereo MC cartridge

Product code: yc03s

Yamamoto Sound Craft YC-03S Stereo MC cartridge

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Thick core sound, excellent expression of details.

Aiming for an energetic and realistic sound

The YC-03S is a low-impedance analog MC cartridge with a wood body. The YC-03S for stereo is made of African ebony, a strong and beautiful sounding material, and is designed to produce a rich and informative sound that is compatible with the latest recording sources.

The generator coil of the YC-03S is made of ultra-thick wire, wound most efficiently against the iron core to obtain a fairly large value of 0.25mV at an internal impedance of 1.2Ω. For voltage boosting, a transformer with a common 3Ω input impedance can be used without any problem. The magnetic circuit uses neodymium magnets and a pure iron yoke, plate, and pole piece to obtain a large output voltage. By assembling the magnetic circuit with screws, it is stronger than conventional assembly with adhesives, which reduces internal losses and provides a powerful reproduction sound.
The cantilever of the YC-03S is made of solid boron, and a line-contact needle is used for maximum information content.
Another feature of the YC-03S is the use of extra-thick piano wire for the tension wire inside the cartridge. While most cartridges use a piano wire of 0.06mmφ to 0.08mmφ, the YC-03S uses a tension wire of 0.14mmφ. In order to obtain a solid, strong, and energetic reproduction sound, the company dared to use a thicker tension wire to achieve a realistic sound.
In addition, the terminal board of the YC-03S is made of hard Bakelite processed by cutting and using press-fitted high-strength pins made of bronze next to it. This increases the strength of the entire unit, including the connector, and helps improve sound quality.

Powerful sound with a rich sense of energy

The sound has a wide range, well-defined bandwidth, clear localization, and a core with a high quality. The performance is rich in instantaneous power and braking power, and full of dynamism, which is wonderful. From the thick midrange to the bright and brilliant treble, there is a solid core and a sense of power. The female vocalist sang with a supple nature and high clarity, and the orchestra was highly praised for reproducing a glossy and powerful sense of reality.
Channel Configuration 45-degree/45-degree stereo
Output Voltage 0.25mV (1kHz, 5cm/sec.)
Channel Separation 25dB or better (1kHz)
Channel balance 1dB or less(1kHz)
Cantilever 0.26φmm solid boron
Stylus tip Line contact needle
Impedance 1.2 ohm
Compliance 7x10 cm/dyn
Positive needle pressure 1.2~2.0g
Frequency Response 20~20,000Hz
Body African ebony wood (eco-friendly paint finish)
Magnet Neodymium magnet
Size 18(W) 30(L) 15(H) / 8.0g
The sound of the YC-03S can be simply described as thick-boned. The sound has a sturdy structure, as if a solid core has been passed through it from the exceptionally thick midrange to the bright and shiny treble. Furthermore, despite this powerful sound, the reproduction does not come across as overdone, and it is wonderful that even the most subtle of details can be heard clearly. Female vocals are sung with a supple, clear and vivid quality, and the orchestra reproduces the lustrous sound of strings and the power that rises from the tutti with a real sense of reality. While there are few models that can render fine detail, but fall short in expressing power, the rich energy of the YC-03S deserves a special mention.