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Yamamoto Sound Craft
YC-03M Mono MC cartridge

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Yamamoto Sound Craft YC-03M Mono MC cartridge

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Excellent localization with a sense of energy and wide range

Monaural cartridge with sound-defining Blue Note and Prestige recordings

The YC-03M uses a dense and beautiful boxwood body to achieve a light and responsive sound. The power generation system is of the orthophonic type, which offers the most stable performance. However, its generator coil is made of ultra-thick wire wound most efficiently against the iron core to obtain a fairly large value of 0.25mV at an internal impedance of 1.2Ω.
Although the YC-03M has an impedance of 1.2Ω, it can be used with a transformer with an input impedance of 3Ω without problems. The magnetic circuit uses neodymium magnets to obtain a large output voltage, and furthermore, the magnetic circuit is assembled with screws to increase strength and reduce internal losses, resulting in a powerful reproduction sound.

The YC-03M uses an aluminum pipe cantilever and a round needle to produce a full and powerful sound in the midrange. The YC-03M uses extra-thick piano wire for the support tension wire located at the center of the vibration system that joins the cartridge cantilever, the generator coil, and the magnetic circuit, to achieve a solid, strong, energetic reproduction sound with a sense of reality.
The monaural version of the YC-03M is a 4-pin version with two windings in parallel, so monaural playback can be enjoyed with the same connection as a stereo cartridge.
Channel Configuration Parallel 2-wire 4-terminal monaural
Output Voltage 0.25mV (1kHz, 5cm/sec.)
Cantilever 0.50φmm aluminum pipe
Stylus tip Round needle
Impedance 1.2Ω
Compliance 7x10 cm/dyn
Positive needle pressure 1.2~2.0g
Frequency Response 20~20,000Hz
Body Boxwood (eco-friendly paint finish)
Magnet Neodymium magnet
Size 18(W) 30(L) 15(H)mm / 6.7g
The TOJP-60134 is a mono recording. The soundstage is relaxed, and the sound images converge strongly in a soft and light expanse to the left, right, front, and rear, as well as to the information. The bass and organ are slightly pulled back, and the distance between the vocals and guitar is superb. When John sings "Mr. Moonlight," the trajectory of his shouts is clearly etched in the void above the center of the speakers. When he and Paul duet on "Mr. Moonlight," the sense of "cuddling" is also exquisite.
The YC-03S and 03M cartridges, which are like twins, are both excellent products with a wide range of energy and good localization. The YC-03S has a wide range of applications, but when the YC-03M is added, it can unleash a group of sounds that are deeply submerged in the grooves of a record at an even higher level. The YC-03M is a great addition to the YC-03S, which has a wide range of applications.

I also listened to Giulini's monaural masterpiece "The Marriage of Figaro" with the HS-3 headshell, which is made of the same boxwood material as the YC-03M's housing, attached with the BT-1 titanium cartridge fixing bolt set. Although this combination results in a very lightweight pickup (less than 15g), it does not change the sound tone to soft and light, but rather, it further resolves the sound image while maintaining the texture, resulting in a very clear sound field.
*Excerpt from analog magazine