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MODEL PR-999 Tube Preamplifier

Product code: YBpr99-1

YOSHIBA Onkyo  MODEL PR-999 Tube Preamplifier

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High-purity sound that skillfully utilizes vacuum tubes

Preamplifier with the best CR-type equalizer

600 Ohm and 47K Ohm outputs, plus mono output
Special attention was paid to sound quality conversion by employing a 600 ohm T-type volume control used in aircraft and broadcasting stations. For this reason, the amplifier circuit is configured with 600 ohms.
We did not want to make a crippled preamplifier without tone control in order to reproduce reverberations and echoes, so this circuit was purposely installed. The circuit is a CR type circuit because of the sound quality and the amount of change. 3 vacuum tubes in the MM phono circuit, a CR type equalizer, and a tone circuit in the flat amp are also CR type for sound.

The output amp is a 600 conversion with a 6J7 drive output transformer. The input is a cathode follower, the volume is a 600 ohm T-type made by Tokyo Kohon, and the output is a transformer output to ensure a 600 ohm output with no change in sound quality depending on the volume.
A monaural output signal terminal is included for easy enjoyment of monaural playback.

Employs the same type T-type volume adjuster used in aircraft and broadcasting stations

A large custom-made level meter is included to monitor the input signal to check for the presence of a signal. This circuit drives the meter with a 600 ohm circuit. The purpose of the design was to use 600 ohms, which does not change the sound quality depending on the volume, and a VU meter for signal confirmation was added for ease of use, resulting in the adoption of a large meter.
Independent left and right trims allow not only finer control of the left/right balance, but also more precise volume adjustment. The volume level can be easily adjusted between daytime and nighttime.

Special attention to clarity and sound separation is a key element of yoshiba's audio philosophy.

The result is a clear, crisp sound with a good separation between the sound and the listener.
The tone control brings out the reverberation and echo elements that should have been recorded on the record, and the exquisite hidden sound expresses the performer's heart.

The sound speed and penetrating power of the work depends on Western's technology and theory

1) The sound that rises quickly in human hearing seems to have a stronger persuasive power that it is a good sound than the timbre.
2) In addition, a sound image that is tighter and more penetrating also seems to be perceived particularly strongly as a good sound.
Perhaps that is why equipment that is a hundred years old is still coveted today. We have given a little shape to such a sound.

Output Phono Equalizer: RIAA, CD: 47K, AUX: 47K,BAL-OUT: 600, BAL-INPUT: 600, MONO-OUT: Hi, RCA-OUT: 47K
Inputs PHONO x1, CD x1, AUX x1, Balance x1
Frequency Response 50-10kHz/3dB
Power Consumption 34W
Size 430(W)329(D)185(H)mm
Weight 7.5kg
*Paint may change. May be gray color and black.
*It will be changed from paint to plating.