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MODEL PR-999 Tube Preamplifier

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YOSHIBA Onkyo  MODEL PR-999 Tube Preamplifier

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Pure sound with skillful use of vacuum tube..

The best CR type equalizer mounted Preamplifier

Outputs are 600 ohm output and 47 k ohm output, Also equipped with monaural output
The volume adjuster adopts 600 ohms T type that used in aircraft, broadcasting stations, etc. It is especially focused on sound quality conversion. For that reason, the amplifier circuit consists of 600 ohms. To reproduce the reverberation and echo components, it did not want to be a disabled preamp without tone control, then dared to install this circuit.
The circuit was designed as the CR type circuit due to the relationship between sound quality and change amount. Three vacuum tubes to the phono circuit for MM, CR type equalizer and it equipped with tone circuit as flat amplifier that it also made it CR type, stick to sound.

600 output by 6J7 driven output transformer for output amplifier. Input is adopted cathode follower, the volume is made of Tokyo kouon 600 ohms T type. Signal output as transformer output for keeping 600ohms output to prevend changing sound quality due to volume level.
Monaural output signal terminal is that you can enjoy monaural playback easily.

T type volume adjuster for the same type of aircraft and broadcasting stations

Equipped with a large custom-made level meter, monitor the input signal and check the presence or absence of the signal. This circuit drives the meter with a 600ohms circuit.
It was desigend 600ohms output to prevend changing sound quality due to volume level. It adopted a large meter as a result of considering easy to use with a VU meter for signal confirmation. The left and right independent trim not only can control the left and right balance more finely but also the volume can be adjusted more accurately.
It is also easy to adjust the volume level during the day and night.

Design that focused on clarity and sound separation

Get clarity sound with a comfortable sound separation.
Tone control draws reverberation and echo elements that should be recorded in the disc, hidden taste of exquisite sound expresses the performer's mind.

Sound speed and penetration power depends on Western technology and theory

1) To the early rising sound by human auditory sense, it seems that it feels a better sound than a tone.
2) It seems to be particularly strong that the sound image gets tighten and the penetrating sound is also good sound.
So even now it may be that the 100 years old inquipment is stil popular. YOSHIBA onkyo pursued and designed such a sound.

Output Phono Equalizer: RIAA, CD: 47K, AUX: 47K,BAL-OUT: 600, BAL-INPUT: 600, MONO-OUT: Hi, RCA-OUT: 47K
Input PHONO x1, CD x1, AUX x1, Balance x1
Frequency Response 50-10kHz/3dB
Power 34W
Dimensions 430(W)329(D)185(H)mm
Weight 7.5kg