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300B-Metal Power amplifier

Product code: YB300bm-1

YOSHIBA Onkyo  300B-Metal Power amplifier

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Seeking the possibility of 3-pole tubes to the limit

A single amplifier that takes the potential of triode tubes to the limit


Makes vintage speakers sound comfortable.

The result of changing the stance of amplifier design from a new angle was a dramatic evolution for Yoshishiba Acoustics, and we have stepped into a new realm. The designer himself has put in his past experience and technology to make the vintage speakers sound pleasant and comfortable, and has been particular about the sound of the product. The output transformer, choke transformer, and driver transformer, which have a particularly large impact on sound, were made by Yoshishiba Acoustics. The side panel is made of ultra-thick 10mm thick aluminum plate, which contributes to a strong chassis, and a plate choke drive is used to bring out the full potential of the 300B vacuum tube.

The dynamic and powerful sound that one would not expect from a single amp is truly the sound of a theater.

This amp has a harmony and brightness that other amps do not have. The midrange is pleasant and will surely astonish the listener.
We focused on the penetrating power and the speed of sound. Rigidity and suppleness are richly expressed by the clarity of the midrange and the tightness of the bass range.

Although the output of the power amplifier is a single triode tube, it does not seem even a little weak. On the contrary, it has a high instantaneous power and even a slightly surprising sharpness.
The orchestra has a rich touch, the piano is sharp, the tone is relatively weighty but not heavy, the baroque has a fresh sound, and the strings are sharply played and fast. The strings are sharp and fast, and the bass strings and tippany have excellent resolution. Jazz has plenty of power, and the sharpness of the drums and the thickness of the trombones are lively. Critics have praised the analog sound, saying that it has a more tube-like image, nuance, and purity.
Tubes used 300B x2, 6SN7 x2
Frequency response 30Hz-15kHz
Transformer used Yoshishiba Acoustic Original
Output 6W+6W
Speaker output terminal 4ohms, 8ohms
Size 405 x 240 x 325 mm